As a member of the VTC Group, Shine Skills Centre (“SSC”) is a leading institution offering vocational training to people with disabilities aged 15 or above to develop their employment potential. There are three offering sites of SSC, namely SSC (Kwun Tong) – Oxford Road Re-provisioned Campus, SSC (Tuen Mun) and SSC (Pokfulam).


The Centre provides skills training with a variety of module-based curriculum in a flexible mode, complemented by a full range of support services. With our committed teaching team, SSC creates a learning environment filled with care and passion, where every student grows and shines.    

Vocational Training for People with Disabilities Office

Vocational Training for People with Disabilities Office provides assessment service, vocational education and training, rehabilitation, skills training and employment support services as well as loan of technical aids to people aged 15 or above (Note) who have special educational needs (including attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, autism, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, physical disability, mental illness, specific learning difficulties, speech impairment, visceral disability, visual impairment) and have basic self-care skills, to develop their employment potential and thereby to further their integration into the society.   


Note: Applicants must be a permanent resident of Hong Kong or eligible to stay and work in Hong Kong without limitations by the Immigration Department.

Shine Skills Centre

Shine Skills Centre is one of the 13 member institutions of Vocational Training Council, a leading vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong. The three offering sites of Shine Skills Centre are SSC (Kwun Tong) – Oxford Road Re-provisioned Campus (Note), SSC (Pokfulam) and SSC (Tuen Mun). The Centre provides specific and comprehensive vocational assessments and offers relevant training programs in full-time and part-time mode for people with special educational needs. Each centre has well-equipped training workshops to offer employment-oriented trainings in simulated workplace environments.  


Note: SSC (Kwun Tong) is temporarily relocated to the reprovisioned campus at 1D Oxford Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.

Shine Vocational Assessment Service

Set up in 1982, Shine Vocational Assessment Service customizes vocational assessment service for people with disabilities and special educational needs. The vocational assessment team comprises work evaluators, occupational therapists and social workers, together with medical doctors from the Hospital Authority and placement officers from the Labour Department. By conducting various professional assessments and evaluations, assessment service users are evaluated in their learning abilities, interests, potential and limitations in various work aspects for better understandings of their capabilities to facilitate their pursuance of suitable future vocational trainings and career paths.

Shine Technical Aids and Resource Centre

Shine Technical Aids and Resource Centre provides loan of technical aids, assessment and consultation on special educational needs for students at SSC and other VTC institutions. The Centre also designs, produces and modifies technical aids, as well as provides various types of learning support for individual students to facilitate their study, work and daily needs.